I wrote and added content to my websites www.nemmar.com and www.nde.life and www.nemmar.org to help make the world a better place for people and animals. I do this as non-profit charity work to help people learn the facts about the most important topics in everyone’s lives - their health, their integrity, and their soul.

When you volunteer your time and knowledge to help others, it might not earn you money on Earth, but it does earn you eternal bliss in Heaven. All my websites are non-profit charity work I do to help educate people. During my life I have often done volunteer charity work to help animals and wildlife. I believe that the way a person treats animals is a very good indication of how they treat people. Animals cannot speak to defend themselves - compassionate people need to speak for them. For example, in 2018 I went to Venezuela and did volunteer work to help animal rescue groups due to the severe suffering and enormous problems in that country caused by Socialism. The situation was so horrible that people were killing and eating dogs, cats, and any animals they could find due to starvation from lack of food!!

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I have a very easy solution to stop factory farm animal abuse and torture, and ocean over-fishing:

Politicians need to pass laws that require 24/7 live video cameras of all areas where animals are kept when used for food in large scale business operations, such as, Factory Farms. The law should also allow surprise on-site inspections of any large food production farm or facility so independent animal rights inspectors can evaluate the conditions of the animals and their living facilities. People have a right to see the true conditions of where their food products come from:

  • Do the animals live in humane and sanitary conditions? Any unhealthy and unsanitary issues of urine/feces, germs, disease, etc.?
  • Are the animals confined to tiny, cramped cages or extremely crowded warehouses? Do the animals get sunlight and fresh air, or are they kept in dark, closed warehouses?
  • Do the animals suffer from abuse and torture by the factory farm employees or living conditions? Do the animals endure abuse, suffering and torture from the day they are born until they are slaughtered years later?

Cameras with 24/7 real-time videos are a very inexpensive and easy solution that benefits all the animals and consumers. The live videos must be online for anyone to view at any time to see what is happening to the animals that are used for food products. This law should also apply to animals kept for research purposes for consumer or medical products.

Video cameras should also be required by law on commercial fishing boats to prevent over-fishing and other illegal activity in the oceans. The cameras would take live video of all areas on the boats where fish and ocean species are hauled in and stored. If the boats go too far out to sea to have live video connections via satellite or internet, then all commercial fishing boats should be required to have a "black box recorder" that saves the videos. When the boats return to shore, the black box recorders would then automatically connect to the internet and upload the recorded videos for anyone to view.

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We also have an expert service to help charity groups migrate their data and software from legacy (outdated) systems to Google services. Google services are by far the best in the world and they are very low-cost. Everything you need in one package:

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